Making a start on selling your business

Whether you want to sell now or need advice on preparing your business to sell in the longer term, contact us, and together we can take the first steps towards the sale of your business.

Selling your business is one of life’s most stressful and emotional events. You need a person with integrity to help guide you through the pitfalls and dangers that will invariably arise along the journey.  Most people will gain from engaging a business broker.

How we work with you to get your business sold

  1. Sales Enquiry – We will meet with you to discuss your future plans and goals. We want to gain an understanding of your business and the industry in which it operates in. We will conduct an initial market appraisal. We will discuss with you what financial outcomes you want to achieve with the sale and will explain the sales process and the costs involved.


  1. Listing – In order to list your business, certain legal requirements need to be met. A Form 6 from the Office of Fair Trading will be provided. This form will outline the terms of engagement and agreed costs between you and Go Business Brokers. The form will need to be signed before we progress further. We recognise all businesses are different so we will work with you to develop a tailored made marketing strategy that promotes the sale of your business.


  1. Business Sale Preparation – In order to sell your business for the best possible price, we will require information from you about your business. We will provide a checklist that outlines these requirements. We will work with you to ensure all crucial documents and information are supplied and recorded correctly and updated.


Analysing this information, Go Business Brokers will develop a unique business profile that will outline the features, value and benefits of your business. We will compose an advert that will be distributed to all major online business sales websites.


  1. Marketing instigated – The online advertising will be monitored for the response from the market and adjusted to increase traffic and enquiries about your business. We contact suitable prospective buyers in our extensive database. Where appropriate we will research merger and acquisition opportunities.


  1. Buyer enquiries – Before disclosing any information about your business to potential buyers, a signed confidentiality agreement will be obtained. This document inhibits the potential business buyer from releasing the information or using it for purposes other than evaluating the business for purchase.


We will vet buyers to ensure that only quality genuine buyers inspect your business. We will take the time to explain the advantages of your business and its value. All potential buyers will be accompanied when they inspect your business and meet with you. This ensures that you have a guide through this important part of the sales process.


  1. Contract negotiations – Go Business Brokers are trained negotiators. We will hold in depth discussions and negotiations around terms and conditions of sale. We will communicate with you about the negotiations and progress.


We understand that this could be your largest asset and we will secure negotiated offers including the best price and terms of the sale which are acceptable to you in the form of a Reiq business sale contract.


  1. Contract supervision – The contract is not an invoice or a receipt for the business sale. It is a written pathway to the settlement. Understanding the path and ensuring the steps are taken in the right order to get to settlement is vital. This can include finance, due diligence, lease assignment and training elements. We will facilitate this process with the various parties including accountants, solicitors, landlords, etc to keep within the timeframe of the contract and ensure a successful settlement.


  1. SOLD


We offer to all prospective clients, a no obligation FREE Business Appraisal. Contact us and let’s see if we can work together. We know you are busy managing your business, so we are available after hours and on weekends.